This is not an official, authorized website for Camp Timbercrest.   This is a creation of former camper and camp counselor – known as ‘Nnifer, also known as Turtle, also known as Jennifer Schlick.  If there are mistakes in here, they are mine and mine alone.  I’d love to hear from you about them so I can correct them.

Girl Scouts - 1968When I was a kid, my dad’s busiest work time was summer. That meant we didn’t go on family vacations. As a compensation, and as alternative to just ramming around the neighborhood, my parents would send me and my brother & sister to residence camp for a couple of weeks each summer. My brother went to YMCA Camp Onyahsa up on Lake Chautauqua. Being Girl Scouts, my sister and I went to Girl Scout Camp Timbercrest.

Camp Timbercrest 1967My years in the late 60s and early 70s at Timbercrest were formative to be sure. Not only was my passion for nature solidified, my outdoor skills as well as my leadership skills grew and deepened with each year at camp. I learned the names of flowers and trees. I learned how to paddle a canoe and row a boat. I learned how to stake out my tent to keep me and my gear dry when high winds accompanied the rain. I learned how to live in community with other girls in a fair, democratic way. I learned how to be safe in the woods. I learned how to light a campfire – with one match. I learned how to cook for myself, and to try new things. I learned that many hands make light work and that distasteful jobs can be fun when done with friends. And of course I learned endless silly camp songs.

Daughers of Camp Staff Alumni - September 2006For whatever reasons (higher paying jobs? boyfriend?), I never followed my camper years with counselor years and I regretted it. When I was in my late twenties and about to get married, I decided that I had better get back down to Timbercrest as a counselor or I would never be able to live with myself. So in the late 80s, it was back to camp for me. It was only one summer, but it was soooo great. I made friendships that continue to this day. We even get together for family weekend/reunions. Where? At Timbercrest, of course!

As soon as my own daughters were old enough, I enrolled them in Girl Scouts and “forced” them to go to camp. (It didn’t take any forcing, by the way! They seem to love it as much as I did.) This year (2007) Emily is a Junior Counselor and Maddie is a CIT – Counselor in Training.  Update (2016):  They continued on and became counselors and eventually Butterfly was CIT director and Sugar worked waterfront.

At any rate, this blog is my labor of love for a place that feels more like home than about any other place on the planet.  I hope you enjoy it.

If you are a former camper or staff member and want to become a contributor, please let me know!  I’m not going to write my email out, because I don’t want to become the target of (even more) spam.  But, my name is Jennifer Schlick and you can construct my email address by putting a dot between my first and last name, adding that funny @ symbol, then typing  (Or just leave a reply below!)


26 Responses to “About this Blog”

  1. *aka twinky* Says:

    omg turtle! i was a cit about 3 years ago when they changed everything and made everything more expensive i couldnt afford to go anymore. 😦 i was called twinky 😀 would you happen to have the camp songs ? like in that little booklet? i need them for another camp sort that i am starting 😀

  2. Otter Says:

    Hey, Emily’s mom! 😀

    This is Dawn, otherwise known as Otter… I remember Twinky up there, too. I miss camp so much now that I’ve grown up and gone off to college, but at least I have 3 years of counselor-hood to provide endless silly memories. I’m glad your daughters are still involved at camp 🙂 I’ll be sure to send along any stories I remember so you can share them!

  3. Anne Fleming Says:

    Hello Jennifer,

    I found a neat photo of wintergreen on your blog while googling. Would you mind if we used it in our winter newsletter with a credit to you? We are a non-profit land trust based in northern lower Michigan:

    Thank you for your consideration!

    Anne Fleming
    Little Traverse Conservancy

  4. Sue Smith Says:

    Hello Jennifer
    I am former NY Girl Scout, now in California after traveling through North Carolina and Texas (all in Girl Scouts). I remember Timbercrest as I started the first year they opened as a Summer Day Program Aid. I rode the bus from Falconer – the bus was the greatest place to learn songs. I managed to do one residence camp and many troop camp trips there. I am currently a Trainer and Brownie leader in Northern California. I am interested in anything you might have about Wood-e-lo-hi (pictures of bridge, camp sites, etc. I did several camps there, one was a father/daughter camp when we got there early and my father taught me to drive at camp.
    Looking for any pictures of wood-e-lo-hi. If you can help me or direct me to someone, thanks.
    Love reading about Timbercrest. Way to go. Keep it up. Great!!!

  5. Linda (Madison) Dale Says:

    I just happened on this site and it brought back so many memories! I was a camper at Timbercrest when it first began, as a day camper in 1965 and 1966 and then as a residence camper 1967 through 1971, CIT in 1972 and counselor in 1973. My name is Linda Dale (it was Linda Madison then and my counselor nickname was Dolly.) Skipper was the camp director when I first went there, and then JoJo (Joanne Nelson.) I was a camper with Pickles and Ro.

    I moved away from New York after the summer of 1973. I am currently living in Florida where I am a high school science teacher. I can honestly say that my love of nature, canoeing, and anything “outdoors” was developed and nurtured in my days at Timbercrest.

    Thank you for all the beautiful pictures and infomation.

    I would love to hear from others of “my time.”

    Linda (Madison) Dale

    1. Amy Says:

      1968 came from Michigan to camp with the Girl Scouts. Remember orienteering with a compas and a crude map. And we camped out doors,
      learned how to dig a latrine, etc. This was a basic type of camping, and the reason I came to the camp, but it was the best camping experience in GS. I have had many more adventures since, and remember the beautiful lake. Vet. in FL now.

  6. Misty Says:

    Awesome blog! I was a counselor and lifeguard in 1993 and 1994…no cool nick name though we weren’t allowed to have them. Anyway I am a girl scout leader for my daughter’s troop in PA, and was also wondering if there was anyway to get my hands on the lyrics to songs. I remember in the lodge there were photo copied song books in the library area. I can find most of the songs online, and I remember many of them, but the words aren’t always the same. Anyway, I’ll definitely be checking this site often! I have great memories and great friends that came out of those two brief summers at Timbercrest.

  7. megs Says:

    As I was looking up the words to some camp songs that found their way into my daydreaming head, I ran into this blog. I went to Camp Timbercrest 3 summers- I think in 1995, 96, and 97. I’ll always regret not working as a counselor there- the weeks I spent at Timbercrest were the most memorable and wonderful weeks I’ve experienced. I’m happy to know that there are many others who continue to reminisce years after leaving, through college, and into the real world.

    Mmmm I wanna linger
    mmmm a little longer
    mmmm a littler longer here with you…

  8. Katie Carroll Reynolds ie Bandit Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    This is Bandit here. I worked at Timbercrest from 1983-1987. My husband Eric Reynolds was a boy scout in Lakewood and his Troop would help set up the platform tents every year and stayed up at the Day Camp in the Winter months. My memories are of Pickles, Jingles, AJ, Binky, Boat and Piazon(sp?). I started in Commisary and progressed to Lifeguard, Counselor and Unit Leader. My sister came after me for a summer or two. I seem to remember someone putting Boat out on the dock while she was sleeping. Don’t remember how they pulled it off but that was a good one. I did the river and resovoir trips and also got bit by a Brown REcluse spider while there. My husband, Eric is looking to rent Jackmans Lodge for his boy Scout Troop. Is that possible? Also, is that at Jackman’s bay. I can’t seem to find where that’s located. Help Please. Bandit

    1. Hi Bandit! The lodge is on the hillside overlooking Jackman Bay. Here’s a great picture taken by Jeremy Martin (husband of a troop leader):

      It’s between the main lodge and the Horse area (which is over on the way to Old Barn).

      Yes, the lodge is rentable. You have to contact the main office, which, since the merger, is up buffalo way:

      I only worked at camp one summer… as did my buddy “Goose” But I remember all the counselors you mentioned, too! And I remember them mentioning you.


    2. P.S. The girls on the dock above are Boat’s and Piazon’s girls!

  9. Michelle Eskeli Turecek Says:

    Hi Jennifer…
    My family (husband and 2 kids ages 7 and 4) and I just got back Sunday morning from Family Weekend Camp at Timbercrest. We had a great time!! It was fun for my family to see the camp and picture what mommy talks about so often. My kids even got to meet the famous Pickles and are her newest biggest fans! Pickles was dedicated as always to her beloved Timebercrest… the camp is so lucky to have her.
    I got relive some memories and my kids, husband, and I made new ones together. Definitely one of the first of many future visits for the Turecek family.
    I thought of you as I was reading a chapter book by flashlight in the tent before bedtime… you did the same thing years ago when I was a camper with you. A great memory.
    Thanks for the site! It was fun to look through.

    1. Hi Michelle! I had hoped to go to Family Weekend, too. But this was the year my youngest graduated from High School and her grad party was scheduled for Sunday long before I realized it was Family Weekend. I’m glad you had such a great time. Going to Timbercrest always feels like going home… I hope to join Pickles and the crew at least a little this summer.

  10. Dawn Says:

    If you want to put me on the staff page that’s fine by me. I started going as a camper when I was 7 or 8 and only missed one or two years until I was 16, when I started CIT. I was “Otter”, first junior then full counselor between 2000 and 2003. When I was a kid the counselors were Gator, Tinkerbell, Aussie… lots more I can’t remember. I’ve contacted Aussie through Facebook recently and I’m pretty sure Gator and a few others are members of the Timbercrest facebook group if you are looking for more of us! 🙂

  11. Amy McElhinney aka Snoopy Says:

    This is an awesome blog. It brings back great memories for me as well. I was a camper from 78-86 and then a counselor/director from 90-98. I too had Pickles and Jingles for counselors and I had the honor of working with her for a summer as well. It looks like there is a reunion/family weekend that I would love to bring my girls to. Do you have any information on that or can you tell me where to look. Thanks so much for your photos, they are incredible.

    1. right now, there’s just a “thank you for a great 2010 season” notice. But I think this is where you will find the schedule when it is available next summer for next summer:

  12. Agnes Girard aka Spunky Says:

    I googled Camp Timbercrest just to see if there where some photos… and traveled back almost 30 years in time !!! My name is Agnes Girard and I was a camp counselor in the summer of 84… straight from France ! It was my first time in the States and the memories of this summer are still with me. I worked with Pickles, AJ, Boat, Binky, Piazon and many others whose signatures are still on a “souvenir t-shirt” I cherish :-). We all celebrated my 20th birthday in the lodge (and later on in a local bar…). After camp, with 4 or 5 of the above, we went on a tour of New England, and a few months later, Piazon came to visit me in Grenoble, France, where I am from. I never went back to Timbercrest, and was really moved when I saw all the pictures (they are ALL beautiful) and found the lyrics for Timbercrest song (I can’t believe I remember this tune!)
    If you have a way of letting all the “girls” know I say Hello, it would be great. I would love to hear from them.
    And congratulations on your site !

  13. Erica (Ricki) Tener Says:

    Wow…This blog brought back some incredibly happy memories for me as well. I was a camper at Camp Timbercrest for about 10 years (1969-79) and then a counselor for one year. My name is Ricki (aka, Erica Tener) and my grandmother, Virginia Tener was a founding member. Over the years, I have searched the web to learn anything I can about what has become of the camp. I was so happy to come across your blog. I, too, learned everything there is to know about plants and animals that could be found in and around the camp.Some of my favorite memories are from my camping days. Seemed as though life was oh so simple then! I would love to know where some of the people like Finn & Pickles are today. Thank you for bringing back some truly happy memories!

    1. Ricki, I am in touch with a few of those older campers through a Facebook group (“Friends of Camp Timbercrest”), if you’re active on Facebook please join us! If not I can also pass on well-wishes to the ladies there and maybe get you in touch 🙂

      1. Erica (Ricki) Tener Says:

        Thank you! I just put in a request to join the group.

  14. Christine Bartkowiak Sanderson Says:

    Hi everybody! Reading this by chance tonight takes me back to Camp Wood-i-o-hi where I started camping in Sleepy Hallow with the Brownies, in the ’50’s.We graduated to Fernwood, then Timbercrest then as Seniors simply picked a spot to pitch our tents. Then CIT and finally a Camp Counselor under Skipper, aka Esther Keyser, who lived in that tiny little trading post with her husband Minawaska across from the Mess Hall where I learned to appreciate grapefruit and oatmeal and actual table manners.I have so many memories I’d love to share with anyone who is interested. Camp Wood-i-lo-hi is my favorite spot on this earth. I only remember visiting Camp Timbercrest as it was being developed. Thanks for the memories.

    1. Sadly, Wood-i-lo-hi was sold to a private owner. I miss that camp, too. 2017 will be the 50th anniversary of Timbercrest as a residence camp. I’m thinking reunion party!! Would you come? What was your camp name? Maybe you were one of my counselors!

  15. Barbara Andrews Belstrom Says:

    I opened the Timbercrest song page as my sister, Judy, wrote it. The song you have is not her handwriting as is stated. I do have her song typewritten and signed by her if you would like to have it.

    1. Oh my gosh! I would love to have it, or a copy. Thank you.

      1. Barbara Andrews Belstrom Says:

        Let me have an address and I will send it to you!

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